With PERFORMANCE WHEELS,an exclusive competition wheel is released

by Lorenzo Vandenheede, owner E36 Shop, rally driver and Hein Demeyer earlier rallydriver too.

There is few technical tolerance in the race-and rally world : it had to be strong and light.

Therefore we took the best option for:ideal balance,strength, stiffness and weight with the under pressure casting,smolding and controlled curing process.

According to the JWL VIA norm,the wheels had to be examinated by rontgen X rays and impact chocks.So by each production some wheels are sacrified for this tests.

Additional advantage :the aerodynamic spokes aspirate the air on the brake discs to become a forced cooling.

We personally go check each production and all shipments.

All this at a very competitieve price.

Other dimensions will be available in the next future and on demand.

Of course this wheel can also be mounted for daily use cars.

The best publicity is :Lorenzo’s rallycar is mounted with this rims, everybody knows his spectacular driving style …

For each further information contact us.





A set of ultra-light alloy wheels not only looks good but also reduces  weight, to the benefit of ride and handling.

While casting is the premium process for producing ultra-light alloy wheels, the pressure casting process is also able to produce wheels with a good strength to weight ratio at a price point more affordable to a wider audience.

PERFORMANCE WHEELS is pleased to present their first flow-formed alloy wheel design, the Ultralight TWENTYONE Featuring 10 open spokes, this new wheel provides good airflow for brake cooling, along with offsets that provide clearance for high performance brake systems.

Distinguished by a clear lacquer finish.

Price for the TWENTYONE wheel  starts at 148 euro excluding tax/vat a piece, ex works.

The wheels will be available from august 2022. 

 !!! New colors in limited editon !!!

                                                                                                                                                                 Kindest regards,

                                                               Hein and Lorenzo